St. Clair Cemetery
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A website devoted to St. Clair Cemetery, Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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Pictures are separated by last name. Of course, not everyone with the same last name is related, but it was the easiest way to post the hundreds of pictures taken at the cemetery. Keep checking back, as work progresses in the cemetery, there will be new headstones "found."

Illegible tombs]? or unknown

Abbott tomb]?
Abner tomb]?
Adamson tomb]?
Aiken tomb]?
Ammon tomb]?
Anderson tomb]?
Anders tomb]?
Andrews tomb]?
Bacon tomb]?
Baily tomb]?
Barr tomb]?
Beadling tomb]?
Becker tomb]?
Bell tomb]?
Beltzhoover tomb]?
Bennett tomb]?
Benton tomb]?
Bernean tomb]?
Black tomb]?
Borland tomb]?
Boss tomb]?
Boustead tomb]?
Boyd tomb]?
Boylan tomb]?
Brahm tomb]?
Brazell tomb]?
Brown tomb]?
Brunner tomb]?
Buchannan tomb]?
Bulford tomb]?
Cairncross tomb]?
Calahan tomb]?
Carnahan tomb]?
Chambers tomb]?
Chappel tomb]?
Clark tomb]?
Coates tomb]?
Collins tomb]?
Conner tomb]?
Cooley tomb]?
Couch tomb]?
Cowper tomb]?
Crichley tomb]?
Crouch tomb]?
Cubbage tomb]?
Cutneck tomb]?
Curry tomb]?
Davies tomb]?
Davis tomb]?
Deer tomb]?
Dolittle tomb]?
Donald tomb]?
Dorrington tomb]?
Douglas tomb]?
Douglass tomb]?
Drennen tomb]?
Edson tomb]?
Elliott tomb]?
Espy tomb]?
Evans tomb]?
Ferris tomb]?
Fleet tomb]?
Fosbaugh tomb]?
Foster tomb]?
Fowler tomb]?
Frazier tomb]?
Frew tomb]?
Gailey tomb]?
Gibson tomb]?
Giffin tomb]?
Glenn tomb]?
Gough tomb]?
Gray tomb]?
Green tomb]?
Grouch tomb]? (COULD BE CROUCH)
Grunhart tomb]?
Gutbub tomb]?
Haigh tomb]?
Harney tomb]?
Hartin tomb]?
Hasley tomb]?
Hast tomb]?
Haudenschield tomb]?
Heap tomb]?
Heenen tomb]?
Hemingray tomb]?
Henry tomb]?
Herron tomb]?
Hohn tomb]?
Holtz tomb]?
Horner tomb]?
House tomb]?
Hufnagel tomb]?
Hughey tomb]?
Huls tomb]?
Hultz tomb]?
Hunter tomb]?
Irwin tomb]?
Jackson tomb]?
Kambach tomb]?
Kelly tomb]?
Kelso tomb]?
Kendall tomb]?
Kennedy tomb]?
Kerr tomb]?
Klick tomb]?
Kohlmyer tomb]?
Lea tomb]?
Lee tomb]?
Lees tomb]?
Linsley tomb]?
Lloyd tomb]?
Lockhart tomb]?
Long tomb]?
Martin tomb]?
May tomb]?
McCartney tomb]?
McCool tomb]?
McCormick tomb]?
McCully tomb]?
McDonough tomb]?
McGiffin tomb]?
McGinness tomb]?
McKelvey tomb]?
McKnight tomb]?
McNeilly tomb]?
Menielly tomb]?
Mercer tomb]?
Merrey tomb]?
Milholland tomb]?
Miller tomb]?
Milroy tomb]?
Moore tomb]?
Morgans tomb]?
Morton tomb]?
Murray tomb]?
Neal tomb]?
Neeld tomb]?
Neely tomb]?
Neenan tomb]?
Nidick tomb]?
Nixon tomb]?
Olinger tomb]?
Ord tomb]?
Page tomb]?
Parker tomb]?
Pearson tomb]?
Phillips tomb]? (also Philips)
Ploch tomb]?
Plummer tomb]?
Porter tomb]?
Quigg tomb]?
Rankin tomb]?
Rees tomb]?
Richardson tomb]?
Ritchie tomb]?
Riehl tomb]?
Robb tomb]?
Robinson tomb]?
Romick tomb]?
Roseburg tomb]?
Ross tomb]?
Russell tomb]?
Sansbury tomb]?
Schmid tomb]?
Schnegelsberg tomb]?
Schreiner tomb]?
Scott tomb]?
Simmons tomb]?
Simpson tomb]?
Singleton tomb]?
Smith tomb]?
Snider tomb]?
Stephens tomb]?
Stewart tomb]?
Stilley tomb]?
Strachan tomb]?
Stranhan tomb]?
Stratton tomb]?
Stuckert tomb]?
Sutton tomb]?
Sylvester tomb]?
Thomspon tomb]?
Todd tomb]?
Turner tomb]?
Ulmer tomb]?
Urban tomb]?
Verner tomb]?
Vincent tomb]?
Watkins tomb]?
Watson tomb]?
Watt tomb]?
Weir tomb]?
Wenzel tomb]?
Whaley tomb]?
Wilbraham tomb]?
Williams tomb]?
Williamson tomb]?
Winter tomb]?
Wise tomb]?
Woods tomb]?
Wyse tomb]?
Young tomb]?
Zachrans tomb]?
Test tomb]?
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