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This list has been compiled from several sources. The oldest stones, about 50, were identified in Volume #6 of the Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Quarterly in 1915. Today, many of these stones are gone-lost to time or vandalism. In the 1970s, local Boy Scout Troop #193 spent a Saturday in the cemetery writing down tombstone inscriptions. Additional tombstone inscriptions were recorded in the summer of 2004 by M.A. Jackson. During her research, several people came forward to report ancestors buried in the cemetery whose graves are unmarked. They are included on this list.

This list in not complete. Many tombstones have toppled, been broken by vandals or are illegible due to the ravages of time...we may never know who all are buried here. We are hoping to upright as many as possible over the next few years. Their information will be added to this list as it becomes available.

The oldest burial is said to date to 1806, however the oldest stone found during the 2004 survey was that of Elizabeth McCully who died Sept. 11, 1815.
Where inscriptions were difficult or impossible to read, a question mark has been inserted. Information in parenthesis marks was not part of the inscription.

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UNKNOWN Spanish War Veteran 1888-1907 Cuba, Phillipine Islands, Puerto Rico,

ABBOTT Carl Abbott 1823-1911 - Father
Magdelena Abbott 1830-1910 - Mother
Carolina Abbott Aug. 11, 1858-Sept. 15, 1865
Charles F. Abbott 1869-1882
Henry H. Abbott 1853-1882
Wm.Abbott, Pvt. COD - Apr 19, 1889-Apr.23, 1950
Catherine Abbott (dates illegible)
Lawrence Boyd Abbott (no headstone)

ABNER Jackson Aber died Oct 20, 1871 in his 49 year "I know that my redeemer liveth"

ADAMSON Alexander Adamson Nov 14, 1825-Dec 5, 1897 --Father
Agnes Adamson Nov 8, 1832- Nov 3, 1910 - Mother
John 1839-1909
Lillias 1839-1898
same stone as Alexander and Agnes Adamson -
Charles Sep 1, 1876- Feb 3,1879
George H. Jun 12, 1878-Jul 3, 1880
Thomas R Adamson (possibly Bubenheim) Aug. 27, 1870-May 18, 1880

AITKEN Father Jan 20, 1827-Jan 27, 1890 (John Aiken)
Mother Mar 9, 1830-Apr 1, 1893 (Anna Sneadon)
David Aiken 1853-1930 (no stone)
Elizabeth Stevenson Aiken 1858-1916 (no stone)

AMMON Elizabeth Ammon, wife of A. Ammon died Feb. 28, 1856 in the 30 year of her age

ANDERSON Josephine Silk Anderson 1863-1941 (in McNeilly plot)
Robert L. Anderson (World War Veteran 1917-1919)
Thomas A. Anderson 1866-1939
Mary Anderson 1866-1914
Mother 1841-1910 (Margaret)
Father 1838-1909 (Robert L.)
Elizabeth Anderson Mar 20, 1801-Feb 1, 1882
Mary Anderson Oct 5, 1823-Jun 29, 1883
Willie E. Anderson 1885-1887
William A. Anderson 1902-1974
Irene L. Anderson 1877-1966
Lawrence E. Anderson 1906-1986

ANDERS Caleb F. Anders 1895-1927
Elizabeth Anders Mar 20, 1801?-Feb 1, 1882

ANDREWS John Andrews Sr. Nov 12, 1804-Jun 12, 1877

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